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Valice – Redefining
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Breaking boundaries,
inspiring change.

01 Quality Advice & Service

Underpinned by years of experience in top-tier BigLaw, Valice brings unmatched expertise to Australian conveyancing.

Offering top-tier quality legal advice, with industry-leading insight, we empower our clients to make informed and strategic decisions about their real estate investments.

02 Accessible Online

Operating digitally, Valice benefits from reduced overheads compared to traditional law firms. This enables us to offer high-calibre services to more Australians and businesses, removing barriers of location and cost typically associated with elite firms.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and security, our digital approach has allowed us to invest in an internal infrastructure that fosters unrestricted connectivity, making us more connected and accessible to our clients than ever before.

03 Not Sh*t People

It’s important to us that we bring good energy to our clients and our work. Our team are a hand-picked, highly competent bunch who are simply nice to work with.

Our people are our business, and happy people do their best work…which is just good business.

Valice is an Australian law firm founded by award-winning lawyer, Shauna Mainprize.

We operate digitally across every state and territory in Australia, ensuring we're qualified to represent you anywhere in the country.


Founded and led by Shauna Mainprize, an industry leader and specialist in Australian real estate finance and conveyancing, and an expert in e-conveyancing best practice.

Shauna’s experience started in boutique and mid-tier firms, conducting high-volume end-to-end real estate transactions for all types of property investors and financiers, where she became an expert in closing real estate finance transactions both in paper and electronically.

Shauna continued to develop as an industry leader in complex real estate finance transactions, working as a subject matter expert for other industry leaders at top-tier law firm, Gilbert + Tobin; working with sophisticated borrowers and lenders on complex financings involving large-scale residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use property developments.

Shauna has worked on some of Australia’s largest and most complex real estate and corporate transactions, including:

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We’re changing
the game

Tired of unnecessary office visits when a simple email or call could suffice? We feel the same.

Valice represents the future of Australian legal practice. We're a digital law firm, leveraging a sophisticated tech platform unique in the Australian legal scene.

This allows our team to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently from any corner of Australia.

Good law and good vibes

Our unique advantage is our commitment to digital-only operations.

Whilst we've forged partnerships with corporates in major cities for occasional office needs, our model is chiefly designed to handle most transactions 100% electronically.

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