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2024 Edition

The Property Purchaser’s Guidebook

Navigating the property landscape with knowledge and confidence.

Our guidebook is your key to mastering each step of your real estate journey.

What you'll learn

Grasp the foundational elements of property buying.

Dive into the terms and concepts that every buyer encounters, from the basics of property contracts to the intricacies of real estate language.

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Last updated Feb 16, 2024

The Property Purchaser's Guidebook Banner

Chapter 2

Financial Readiness in Property Buying

What you'll learn

Unravel the financial intricacies of property buying.

From understanding mortgage options to setting a budget, this chapter will prepare you for the monetary aspects of your property journey.

8 Topics

  • Setting your budget
  • Getting a loan
  • The importance of pre-approval
  • LVR: what it means for buyers
  • Mortgages explained
  • Costs to budget for when buying
  • Paying the deposit
  • Stamp duty and concessions for home buyers
The Property Purchaser's Guidebook Banner

Chapter 3

Master Property Due Diligence

What you'll learn

Delve deep into the significance of thorough property and title inspections, learn to spot potential problems, and recognise common oversights.

7 Topics

  • The importance of property inspections
  • Key areas to inspect and what to look for
  • Common property flaws and red flags
  • Structural vs Cosmetic issues
  • Obtaining and understanding professional reports
  • Property valuations and appraisals
  • Planning matters: zoning and development laws